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Help us clean the Ocean and Environment.

Becoming a sponsor of Mi Moana will help us to continue our monthly beach clean events and expand our education and community outreach work.

What Mi Moana do:

Mi Moana is not funded by any Government, and thus we need your help to be able to do more.

We want to remove the plastic and general waste from our beaches and seas.

We want to educate and inspire people to minimise their plastic use and change their habits to reduce waste getting into our environment.

What we need:
But for these goals, we need funds to expand and be able to have more activity in the community, as well as recruit more team leaders and more expert marine biologists to lead our education programmes and organize more events.

Mi Moana needs compassionate caring people and businesses to work alongside us and help us to accomplish even more to help clean the ocean and protect our environment.


Why being a sponsor is great for your company:

  • Brand Exposure for you company in TV and News press coverage
  • Low cost advertising and PR
  • Better Page Rank for your website – better placement in Google
  • Increased Environmental reputation
  • More motivated staff working for an Environmental Awareness Company
  • More customers

What you get
Mi Moana sponsors receive brand exposure at our events, on our website and social media. Their company logos and names are regularly seen in the media thanks to the TV and press coverage our campaign and events receive.

This is a low-cost form of advertising and great PR for your business.

We provide a space for a small text 200 word about each company on our website, including logo and link back to the company’s homepage. You deliver the text and image.

This is a recommended option to get a higher Page Rank in Google and other Search Engines (SEO).

What you also get :
The events and activities also offer team building and training opportunities your staff will appreciate.

Consumers want to work with businesses who are environmentally friendly and serious about their Corporate Social Responsibility requirements.

They are choosing products and services based on how ethical companies are and feel happier about brands who show their commitment to the environment and charitable initiatives.

This means that being seen to support us and having your brand associated with our cause will attract more customers, boost customer loyalty and improve your brand reputation.

Attract more people to your workforce:
People also want to work for companies, who are committed to their environment.

So, you’re likely to have more engaged employees and attract better candidates for roles if you can be seen to be supporting projects such as ours.


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